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Co-CEO, leading GrowthJanuary 19, 2023

What is Cenoa's mission?

Learn more about Cenoa's purpose, mission, vision and the problems it is trying to solve.

What is Cenoa's mission?

What are the problems Cenoa is passionate about, and is trying to solve?

With inflation soaring globally to a 40-year peak, billions of people in emerging economies are facing currency meltdowns. They are left with few options but to store savings in strong currencies like the US Dollar. In many countries, the existing financial system makes buying USD either very difficult or very expensive while offering almost no yield. Everyday people in emerging markets suffer deteriorating living standards and are neglected in a world of rising prices. 

Cenoa introduces a borderless and non-bureaucratic way to access a digital dollar product without any fees and earn an inflation-resistant yield. This compares to less than 1 percent in most traditional banks, which also take hefty fees and often require paperwork for simple currency exchanges. With the US Dollar at its strongest in 20 years, and emerging markets setting the highest USD saving demand, Cenoa’s non-custodial wallet is helping users make their assets devaluation-proof and increase savings growth .   

There are also other problems we are passionate about and aim to tackle in the future. First, as you can read in the the United Nations report here, income distribution is getting worse and inequality is rising. And using technology as a great equaliser and increasing financial inclusion will be a key pillar of the solution. Second, as you can read in the Forbes article here,  the costs of being underbanked and unbanked is huge. However, more than 2 billion people around the world are unbanked and another 2 billion are underbanked.

Inflation, devaluation, inequality and financial inclusion are huge and growing problems. They are also problems we experienced and observed first-hand. We are very passionate about working solutions to solve these problems. This passion is the reason we started Cenoa, and it is what motivates the whole team here at Cenoa, and it is what drives our mission and vision.

What is Cenoa's mission?

Bring fair, empowering and innovative financial services to everyone

What is Cenoa's vision?

Becoming world’s favorite inspirer and financial enabler of dreams

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