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Start earning in 5 minutes

3 Simple Steps

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Deposit money easily in your local currency and from your local bank account - via Cenoa’s licensed fintech partners. Get digital dollars at real exchange rates with zero fees.


Just sit back and enjoy watching your money grow.

Withdraw your money back to your bank account in your currency in minutes.

The advantage of being a Cenoan

See how much your $10,000 savings will grow compared to a bank

In 1 year with Cenoa

+ $10,800.00

In 1 year with average bank

+ $10,013.00

Our investors are top global VCs...

Underscore VC
Human Capital
Collective Spark
Ulu Ventures

...who backed some of the top unicorn fintechs/neobanks


Meet Our Team

Cenoa is built by executives who managed global businesses with 50+ million customers

Garanti BBVAMetaGoogleGetirStanford UniversityAmazonMcKinsey & Company


Co-CEO, leading Growth

14 years experience building and distributing financial products in >10 countries

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Co-CEO, leading Product

15 years experience building & scaling global consumer tech products

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Co-Founder, leading Mobile development

14 years experience as software engineer building consumer tech products used by billions.

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Co-Founder, leading Blockchain development

14 years engineering experience building military grade cybersecurity and backend applications

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Here are some reviews from real users


Cenoa is the perfect app for helping me save money. The app is easy to use, and I love checking on my investments and seeing them grow. I'm not an expert when it comes to investing, but Cenoa makes it easy for me to learn and feel more confident. The tips and financial education are really helpful, and I'm making progress towards my down payment goals thanks to Cenoa.

B.C., December 6, 2022

App Store

Simply the best!!

I opened the account in less than 2 minutes. I deposited money and started earning in like 3 minutes. I've also dealt with the team already and they were very competent, super fast and really helpful. I looked at the founders and they used to be executives at big banks and tech companies, they know what they are doing. Also investors are very reputable companies who invested in many billion dollar companies like digital banks, neobanks and fintechs around the world.

A.L., December 6, 2022

App Store

Great Financial App

At first, I was skeptical because it sounded too good to be true. No other savings app offers more than 3%? But Cenoa is the real deal. The app is powered by legitimate smart technology and I've seen my investments grow more with Cenoa than with other high-yield savings options. I encourage you to try it out - there's no penalty for withdrawing funds - and see how it works for you. As someone with decades of experience in the industry, I've never seen a stable return like this without having to manage a portfolio or invest in mutual funds. Cenoa is going to revolutionize how people save their money.

D.A., December 6, 2022

App Store

Perfect App

In my experience, Cenoa is the fastest way to invest and see returns. Compared to other apps and robo-investors, I've been impressed with the results I've seen. The best part is that there's no commitment and no fees, so I can withdraw my funds whenever I want. The 8% yield is amazing, and I can't find that anywhere else. If you're looking to invest, give Cenoa a try. You won't be disappointed!

E.C., December 8, 2022

App Store


I really appreciate how user-friendly the Cenoa app is for investing. It's the first app I've used for investing outside of a traditional bank, but I didn't feel confused at all while using it. The process was very straightforward and easy to follow. In addition, the app provides helpful tips and financial education, which is a great bonus. I would definitely recommend Cenoa to my friends and family.

M.N., December 8, 2022

App Store

Great App

I like the simplicity of the app. It's so simple to invest money, and you begin earning after investment without delay. Additionally, there is no wait time for withdrawing money from the app, which is a major convenience. The app's exchange rates are also impressive.

M.D., December 14, 2022

App Store


I love that Cenoa offers fair currency exchange rates and a fantastic annual interest rate of 8%. Plus, the daily returns are a nice added bonus. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to protect their savings from inflation and currency devaluation.

O.N., December 15, 2022

App Store


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